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How to Stretch Your Legs
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How to Stretch Your Legs

Your legs are propelled by your hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles. Stretching your legs will help you to prevent injury and also to prevent muscle soreness after walking, running or cycling.

Do a wall hamstring stretch. This stretch puts you in a different position to stretch not only your hamstrings but also the muscles of the calf. Try doing some ankle rotations in this position to stretch and strengthen your ankles. You can also push the soles of your feet against the wall for a stretch in your shins if you’re suffering from shin splints.

Do a heel drop using stairs. The heel drop provides an excellent stretch for the calves. To stretch your legs 1 at a time, bend your left leg and place your left foot flat on the upper step. Lower your right foot down one step lower. Then, switch sides. You can also perform this exercise on a bench provided that you give yourself something to hold onto.

Do a quadriceps stretch with an exercise ball. This exercise shows you how to stretch your quads in a lunge position while sitting on the ball. However, you can also rest your hips on the ball, bend one heel toward your butt and grasp your ankle, pulling your heel close to your butt, to stretch your quads. Repeat the stretch with the opposite leg.

Do a standing quadriceps stretch. This stretch requires you to stand between 2 chairs of the same height. You can also use a wall to support your back foot if you don’t have 2 chairs that are appropriate for the exercise. As you perform this exercise, engage your abdominal muscles to keep your pelvis squared and to relieve tension on your back muscles.

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