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How to Understand Basic Karate
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How to Understand Basic Karate

The concepts of basic karate explained. This should work with almost any style of karate, because the basic principles are essentially the same.


There are many styles of Karate; e.g. traditional and modern (Sport Karate), but many of the basic techniques are the same.


Training in Karate generally involves four aspects:

  • Kihon (Basic techniques)
  • Kata (Form or pattern)
  • Bunkai (Study of techniques encoded in kata or "kata application")
  • Kumite (Sparring or paired form).
In kihon, you learn the Karate way of punching, blocking, kicking and movement. Often you will do drills for your Sensei that may be dull and boring, however you should always try your absolute hardest, sound motivated, get low, and snap out your blocks, punches, and kicks.
In kata, you learn to combine the basic techniques in a flowing movement.Each kata is built around a specific fighting strategy for you to understand. Always remember to look where you're going, and remember what you learned in kihon.
In bunkai, you analyze every movement in a given kata and develop possible applications in real combat situations. Bunkai is a transition step to kumite.
In kumite, you learn to apply kihon and bunkai in a controlled environment.Kumite is one step towards real combat, in that two practioners will attempt to perform moves on each other, whether in turns, or in Du Kumite which is another step towards freefighting. Remember to be relaxed, and don't pay any attention to the size of the person. Pretend you are playing a video game, and don't be afraid of getting hit. That will happen often.
Basic Punches: Karate punches use straight punch technique with a twist of the wrist near the point of impact. Always hit with your first two knuckles, and make sure that your elbow is not locked, because you will overextend it and get hurt. Pull the fist that isn't punching back to your waist as you punch. This is called 'Hikite' and if timed correctly, will help your punch be stronger and sharper.
Basic Blocks:
  • Upper rising block (Age Uke)
    Understand Basic Karate Step 8Bullet1.jpg
  • Middle block (Yoko Uke for inside to outside and Yoko Uchi for outside to inside)
    Understand Basic Karate Step 8Bullet2.jpg
  • Downward block (Gedan Barai)
    Understand Basic Karate Step 8Bullet3.jpg
  1. 9
    Basic Kicks:
    • Front kick (Mae Geri), hit with the ball of the foot
      Understand Basic Karate Step 9Bullet1.jpg
    • Side kick (Yoko Geri), hit with the blade of your foot, toes pointing down
      Understand Basic Karate Step 9Bullet2.jpg
    • Roundhouse kick (Mawashi Geri), hit with the ball of the foot, curl your toes up and try to turn your foot sideways
      Understand Basic Karate Step 9Bullet3.jpg
    • Hook kick (Ura Mawashi Geri), reverse roundhouse kick.
      Understand Basic Karate Step 9Bullet4.jpg
    • Back kick (Ushiro Geri) this is a kick behind you, make sure you look where you're kicking and hit with the heel
      Understand Basic Karate Step 9Bullet5.jpg

Advanced techniques:
  • Grappling and joint locking (Tuite)
    Understand Basic Karate Step 10Bullet1.jpg
  • Pressure points(Kyusho jutsu)
    Understand Basic Karate Step 10Bullet2.jpg

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